About Us

We’re Stéphanie and Erika, owners and founders of La Caravane Vintage. Maybe we’ve crossed paths at a local rock show! Or you happened upon our store while cruising St-Laurent and we helped you find the perfect pair of Levi’s jeans. Maybe we’ve nerded out with you over the history of one of our motorcycle jackets. Either way, we’re happy you’re here!

What we’re known for

We founded La Caravane in 2019. We wanted to open a business that combined everyday style with a passion for the past and hope for a sustainable future. After several years of running our individual vintage clothing companies (Orik Vintage and Widow's Blow) primarily online, we craved more of the sense of community that came with doing pop-ups. It was time to join forces and open a more permanent space, somewhere we could interact with our clients and give them the opportunity to experience our vintage goods IRL! We have since gained a loyal customer base and have become an integral part of the Montréal vintage scene. We’re known for our vintage essentials (denim, tees, leather boots) and fun unique pieces (fringe jackets, silver jewelry, rare band tees) to spice up your wardrobe!

Every item at La Caravane has a story to tell and our favourite part of being small business owners is matching our clients with the perfect piece of vintage… every item deserves a new home :) Whether you’re a Montréal local, or just passing through, we hope you’ll stop by!